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dirittodivolo.it provides free legal services for all european flight passengers to get their flight refund. Legal experts will help you to make your claim to get your flight refund for these issues: delayed flight, cancelled flight, denied boarding, overbooking, lost luggages, delays in luggages’ delivery or damaged luggages.

Delayed or Cancelled flight

In such cases you could be entitled to get money compensation from 250 € to 600 €, depending on the distance of your flight.

Lost or damaged luggage

In case of luggages issues you could get the refund of your documented expenses and also a compensation up to 1.100 euros.

Overbooking, denied boarding

The term overbooking refers to the situation of accepted reservations on a flight beyond the number of seats available on the aircraft. If you face a denied boarding, you can get up to 600 euros.


Know more about our services

Who are you and what is your mission?2022-05-18T11:20:35+02:00
Our services are based on experience of our team in tourism and aviation law: we can let you get, for free for passengers, the right money compensation or refund according to European Rules. Yes, it is! Our service is totally free for passengers because our fees will be paid by flight companies separately. No commissions on your refund!
Is the service free?2022-05-18T11:21:12+02:00
Yes, it is! Our service is totally free for passengers because our fees will be paid by flight companies separately. No commissions on your refund!
In which cases can i make my claim?2022-05-18T11:21:24+02:00
You are entitled to money compensation or refund in case of delayed flight, cancelled flight, overbooking, denied boarding and issues with luggages. Do not hesitate to contact us also for past cases in the last two years, you can be still in time to make your claim.
Which flight companies are included to make my claim?2022-05-18T11:21:35+02:00

All of them!

Flight company denied my first claim. What can i do?2022-05-18T11:22:10+02:00
Ignore what they said, try to contact us first and let’s see which are your rights in your particular case. Once you are back home contact us with our phone numbers or send your claim with our site contact form.
Which documents do I need to start my claim?2022-05-18T11:22:22+02:00
Boarding pass or reservation mail with the details of the flight. In case of issues with luggages we also need the claim in the Lost and Found office and the receipt of the expenses.
What should I do after I sent the papers for my claim?2022-05-18T11:22:35+02:00

Nothing more! You have just to wait the time of procedure and you can always ask for any update.

For any further requests please email us:



Our clients tell us their stories

Passengers helped by dirittodivolo.it were asked to tell their stories. Check it out or:

“I was happy to have landed in the US from y holiday but once arrived at luggage claim,i realised that it was lost! I spent the whole holiday without a suitcase with all my necessarybelongings. The luggage was sent back only when i went back home. I found on the webdirittodivolo.it, in two months i received the refund of expenses and also an additionalcompensation”.
Giovanni, Torino

“Our group had a combination of flight to Mexico. Because of the delay of the first flight we missed the connection. We were forced to miss the first night of holiday and night accomodation previously paid. We emailed dirittodivolo.it and we got both six hundred euros compensation each and also refund of the cost of the lost night in the hotel. Excellent service and without any cost for us, recommended!”

Stefano, Milano

“I was ready for our trip to New York but on the eve of departure our flight was cancelled. My husband and I received refund of the cost of flight and also 600€ compensation each. Thanks to dirittodivolo’sproffesionals, we have received a great legal service and all for free for us”

Daria, Roma

“We were ready for the start of our holiday but all started very badly: our flight had five hours delay! We were forced to lose our first holiday evening. Thanks to dirittodivolo.it we got money compensation at no cost for us”

Paolo, Napoli

“I planned to spend a weekend with three friends in a popular italian park. Once we arrived in airport we were noticed by the screens that our flight was hugely delayed. A shame when you have little time available for your holiday and you just want to relax. Once back home we emailed dirittodivolo and, in just few days, we managed to get 250€ money compensation”.

Manuel, Ravenna

“I was with my two daughters at the airport to return to Catania and we were forced to wait ten hours due to the delay of our flight. Fortunately in a few weeks we go our money compensation thanks to dirittodivolo.it. No expenses for us and no commissions on our refund!"

Emma, Catania

“I work in Frankfurt and once a month i go back in italy. I was noticed of the cancellation of my flight only when i reached the airport on the day of departure. I was very upset but thankfully i found dirittodivolo.it on web and they helped me to have my money compensation and flight refund”.

Roberto, Francoforte

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